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June 1, 2012 at 12:26pm

Welcome Clearleft

Clearleft bakers

IN ALMOST EVERY ROMANCE there is a scene where the lead realises that their perfect match has been hidden in plain sight all along.

Last year, when we were throwing around the first ideas for MATTER, our friend Jeremy Keith — a very talented web developer and partner at the award-winning design agency Clearleft— gave us a hand by putting together a prototype for us.

When it came to hiring designers to help us build the product we plan to launch, we looked around and had a lot of conversations that nearly turned into things… but in the end, after a lot of searching, we discovered the right answer had been staring us in the face the whole time.

So we’re incredibly pleased to announce that we are officially working with Clearleft.

They’re a small team of astonishing, thoughtful web designers and user experience experts based in Brighton, England, and we are already hard at work getting MATTER made.

I’m not saying we’re Hugh Grant and they’re Julia Roberts (or maybe it should be the other way around). That metaphor gets awkward very quickly — especially once you throw our tech wizard Phil Gyford into the mix — but we’ll run with it for now.

Bobbie, MATTER co-founder

(Photograph of Clearleft used brazenly without actual permission, courtesy of Richard Rutter)