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February 14, 2013 at 12:13pm


Here’s what you want to see in MATTER

Last week we asked the several thousand people on our editorial board to tell us what MATTER should be covering next. We were delighted at the response — almost 100 ideas submitted and over 15,000 votes cast — and at the quality of the suggestions. Here are the ten that came out tops. We’ll be back soon with more on how we plan on using these results to commission a story.

1. How has increased access to a great variety of information affected the average person’s ability to engage with and accept complexity?

2. What can we do about the huge gap between technology and it’s ethical implementation?

3. Are there any acceptable and practical solutions to the problem of excessive human population growth?

4. What aspects of public education are obsolete in the age of the internet, and what should be introduced in their place?

5. How much information has been lost since the development of the industrial and digital ages?

6. How can technology influence or improve the democratic process?

7. What do we want our education systems to do? Are they accomplishing that?

8. What does our “mental health system” actually look like? What are the barriers to care and how might we overcome them.

9. Is there a difference between the mind and the brain?

10. How can we transition to an economy that doesn’t depend on unsustainable growth (in demand, resource consumption, population, etc.)?

BTW, if you’re not a member of the editorial board and want to take part in our next collaborative commissioning process, you can sign up here. Membership costs just 99 cents per month and includes access to everything we publish.


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