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November 14, 2012 at 6:52am


We’ve launched!

Earlier this year, 2,566 people did something remarkable: they backed our idea for MATTER on Kickstarter. We’d asked for help in creating a new home for high-quality journalism, and the response was extraordinary: we passed our $50,000 target in less than 48 hours and finished on $140,000, which was a record for a publishing project at the time.

We know it’s been a long time coming, but now we can finally show you what that support — your support — helped build.

The first MATTER story, titled Do No Harm is live at our website now. We’re really proud of the piece, and the photography that goes with it. Our Kickstarter backers should have received an email with an invitation to read; other people will have to pay 99 cents to get the story, which you can read on the web or in ebook form.

If you’re new to MATTER you can choose to join our existing supporters by signing up to our Membership programme, which costs you 99 cents each month and gives you access to extras like an audiobook version of the story.

What’s next? We’ll be smoothing out the rough edges on the website, adding more features and, most importantly, getting our second story ready. We’re starting off by publishing monthly as we fine-tune our workflow, so it should be out in mid-December.

We’d also like to ask one more thing of you: if you like the story, tell everybody you know. Seriously. The Kickstarter response was fantastic, but we’re still a small publication with almost no name recognition. The more you do to get the word out, the stronger MATTER will be. And if you don’t like the story, or our site, please email us at feedback@readmatter.com to tell us why.

We’re incredibly grateful to you, and to our amazing team who have worked tirelessly to get the show up and running: on the website side, Phil, Paul and Jeremy, and on the editorial side all of our contributors (you can check out the credits at the bottom of the story to see who worked on it).


Bobbie & Jim



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